MacKnight Ltd - The Salmon Specialists


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New Products

At MacKnight Ltd, we pride ourselves on continuous product development and innovation. Our culinary innovation team have developed and taken to market some of the most innovative and award winning products to date in the seafood industry.

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Simple Salmon Retail


Made from 100% premium Atlantic Salmon, preservative and additive free, this frozen seafood range is a healthier lifestyle option.

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Smoked Salmon

We have been smoking salmon in the traditional manner at Grants Smokehouse in Maryport, Cumbria since 1985, as we approach our 30th year the passion, attention to detail and consistent quality are still at the forefront of everything that we strive to achieve every day.

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Macknight Ltd - The Salmon Specialists


There is no sector of the global food industry where quality assurance and attention to detail are more vital than in seafood.

Macknight Ltd are a leading processor of Scottish and Norwegian Farm Raised Atlantic Salmon. The company was founded on solid traditions and many years of experience in the Industry. Our business philosophy is to create “Culinary Experiences through Innovation” resulting in products of uncompromising quality.

At our Cumbrian processing facilities we pride ourselves on producing the freshest and finest Salmon products. Since the company was founded, continuous investment has been ongoing in establishing purpose built processing facilities, geared and equipped for the development of market led, domestic and export orientated salmon products.



We pride ourselves on producing the freshest and finest Salmon products:

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